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Where quality & affordability meet Experience the power of warm water at an affordable price point with Freeflow Spas. We believe everyone deserves to have a premium hot tub experience no matter the budget which is why we make cost friendly, easy to maintain hot tubs without sacrificing on quality. Freeflow Spas, are made by … Read More

10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Hot Tub Cover

10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Hot Tub Cover Hot tub covers are essential for every hot tub owner to keep energy costs low, protect your tub from the elements, and maintain a safe environment. The typical life span of a hot tub cover is 3 to 4 years, but if you take … Read More

5 Tips on How to Make Hot Tubbing a Habit

As hot tub owners, we all go through different phases of use with our spas. First, we are filled with excitement and enjoy it every chance we get. Then, just like any new thing, the allure starts to fade and other demands creep in the way. It’s not that we don’t enjoy it, we just … Read More