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Hot Tub Dealer In Clarksburg, WV

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Clarksburg, WV Hot Tub Dealer

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Serving Clarksburg For Nearly 40 Years!

Family owned and operated, we first opened in 1981 and we are now in our second generation. We sell the complete line of Watkins Manufacturing Products, Hot Spring Spas (NXT, Highlife and Limelight), Hot Spot Spas, Freeflow Spas, Coverlifts, Steps and Chemicals. Stop by our showroom, or shop online to view the models we carry, as well as spa accessories and water care systems for your spa. There is a reason our customers keep coming back! There is nothing like owning your own hot tub that you can escape to whenever you desire. Not to mention the power a hot tub has to bring the family together under the stars! Have questions? Reach out to us or give us a call!


"My recent purchase was my second hot tub, over the years, from the The Hot Tub Store. From inside sales, pre-delivery site walk through, installation and follow up questions; their experience shows. The team at the Hot Tub Store were on time, professional and know their business. I highly recommend the Hot Tub Store if you are considering buying a hot tub." - Ron Mcfarland

Giving Clarksburg Full-Service support

When you purchase a hot tub from us, you are purchasing a full-service installation and follow up! We don’t just drop off your hot tub; we locate the spa to the desired location, complete the electrical hookup, fill the hot tub, and spend time with you onsite with the tub running to show you all the features and proper maintenance. All warranty work is completely free, and there is no trip fee for any repair completed under the hot tub’s warranty.


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Looking To Upgrade Your Hot Tub?

Looking to upgrade? Trade in your old hot tub for a new energy efficient one! The value of your current hot tub depends on a few things like brand, age and condition. Trade ins are good for store credit only – no cash for trade-ins.

Check Out Our Used Hot Tubs

Not sure if you’re ready for a new hot tub? The gently used hot tubs traded in are reconditioned and sold. These hot tubs are subject to availability.